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Like most of you, we didn't take a straight line to where we are.

We met in Atlanta.

Enjoyed career stops on three continents, relishing the cultural and cuisine opportunities at hand.

We recall a pivotal night of wine and food pairings at Singapore’s fabled Raffles Hotel.

We were lucky enough to live and work in France. It was, in fact, over a late, leisurely dinner in Paris, that we decided to plant a vineyard. 

It all had a purpose.

But here, we’re sure, is where we belong.

Among the vines. The soil.

And others who revel in everything this life offers.

We get to make Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. With gratitude.

In a nurturing community.

And the grace of this amazing place.

Thankfully, the promise of 1850 still resounds today.


Open. As in limitless.

Claim. A ringing statement of purpose.

Vineyards. A life written in soil and dreams.


We're thrilled to share our harvest and journey with you.



Marnie & Brett Wall